Convicted Driver Insurance for Truck Drivers

Truck insurance is probably one of the biggest expenses incurred by truck drivers and operators annually. It is also not something they can do without, it is a necessary expense given the risky nature of truck driving. 

Truck insurance partakes of several types, and the costs vary according to the extent of the risk injured. Below are some of the types of truck insurance available in the market

1. Physical Damage Insurance - This covers both the truck and the trailer attached to it from any sort of physical damage. The premium is usually priced at a fixed percentage of the actual value of your truck and the trailer.

2. Primary Automobile Liability Insurance - This kind of insurance is usually required under law for the issuance of a license. It covers the damage caused to third persons by your vehicle.

3. General Liability Insurance - This kind of insurance covers any property or bodily injury caused by anyone connected with your business, including those not necessarily related to the operation of the truck.

4. Cargo Insurance - Covers the insurance for the value of the property held by your business under a cargo or carriage contract. It is usually a fixed amount but the liability is up to the extent of the actual value of the cargo lost or a fixed amount in the insurance contract, whichever is lower.

There are so many other insurance types available to cover different combinations of risks and liabilities. The prices of the premiums for these insurance products will vary according to the extent of the coverage, the more comprehensive ones being more expensive. However, aside from the extent of coverage, there are other factors affecting the price of the insurance premium. One of these is prior conviction for drink driving resulting to a drink driving ban.

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Is it still possible to get Car Insurance After Drink Driving Ban?

It is possible to obtain insurance coverage after a drink driving ban. However, you should be prepared to pay out a more expensive amount for the same kind of insurance product with such a record. Insurance companies base their insurance price on the so-called "insurability" of a person. This means, insurance companies usually gauge how likely a person is to experience a risk and price the insurance coverage accordingly.

A prior record or drink driving ban is like a warning to insurance companies that a driver is likely to get into a accident as he had in fact, did in the past. Moreover, some insurance companies may refuse to issue the insurance completely even though you had dealt with them in the past. Still others will require more stringent qualifications. They may offer to give you a discount on the increased insurance prices only after completing a drunk driving rehabilitation course or program. Still others will require a random testing procedure to check whether the drivers persist in consuming alcohol when driving.

Taking out an insurance is an inevitable expense for truck operators because they are required by law. While prior problems with driving restrictions may dramatically increase the price you have to pay for insurance, it does not necessarily make it completely available. Of course, it is still the best course of action to avoid this unnecessary additional burden by driving safe and alcohol-free at all times.